Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A new start

I thought I would try blogging on blogger...we will see how that goes!
The title of my blog "My Family Keeps Me in Stitches" is very true for my life. I have a large family. My husband and I have 7 children and yes, they are all ours! My Mother has always said to me, "You can either laugh or cry!" With 9 people in one house I have to choose to laugh. I love my family: my children and my husband. My faith is very strong and personal to me as well.
As far as stitches..well that goes to laughing and I love to cross stitch! It is my therapy. I tell my husband all the time it is either stitching or therapy! haha
This blog will have much about those three topics, family, faith and stitching.
So have fun reading my blog. I do enjoy reading yours!

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