Saturday, September 15, 2012

I am really bad about writing about stitching when, I haven't been stitching too much.  However, lately I have been doing some major stitching! Yah! I have afinished stitching a Precious Moments pic for my oldest, all finished except the dreaded outline, YUCK! I am so close to finishing LIzzie*Kate's FLip-it Merry Christmas, by the letter.  I am so pumped up to finish this. 
I have discovered that listening to a book on tape and stitching has been wonderful for me!

I miss interacting with my stitching friends on the net.  I am hoping to start a UFO RR next year.
I have never mastered the art of posting pics on the internet, except Facebook - well, one of these days! lol

All my kids are getting older, Patricia, 18, Trent, 14, Hannah, 11, James, 9, Lydia, 6, Daniel, 5 and Zoe 4!  We have also moved from one beach community to another - I think we like Orange Beach , Alabama much better.

My parents are getting older and My husband and I are taking on more responsibility with the family jewelry store.  My dad is turning over the "reins" to my brother and I officially next week.  Nervous and scared all at the same time!

If anyone is out there reading this, give me a shout-out!  I would love to hear from you all!
Happy Stitching!

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