Friday, December 10, 2010


Well, I won the battle between me and my camera. We got our family computer back from the repair shop, so i was able to upload tons of pictures from my camera.


(However, the war is not over, I still need a cord to upload to my laptop. I will not be defeated!)

The first pic is of the exchange I did on HoE. I stitched this for Lisa. She has received this so I know I can post this pic. I have never finished an ornament this way. I kinda' liked it.

(Side note to self: work on finishing of cording. It was heck!)

The second pic was what I finished and the goodies I sent to Kathy.
I love looking at her blog, especially when she blogs about her dog, Rory. Her dog is beautiful! He is a show dog. (One of the million and one hobbies(lifestyles) I would love to do.)

Now on to what I received!
The third pic is of this beautiful box I received from Michelle.
This is stitched over 40ct! (I can do 36 but only in really good light and a little at a time.)

More pics to come soon!


  1. You won my blog drawing :-). I have your address from HoE, and am mailing your new chart today! Happy Holidays!

  2. The 2 ornaments are beautiful! You also did a great job with the finishing. The box is lovely.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Mary i did not finish these. these were gifts to me in an exchange. I love them!